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Festivals and concerts

A lot of events are organized in Seinäjoki throughout the year. The biggest and most well-known must be the rock festival Provinssirock and the tango festival Tangomarkkinat. And we shall not forget The Music and Race Festival which combines popular music and car racing – Vauhtiajot, it is perfect for all the fast and furious.

Besides for these three bigger festivals, there are a lot of smaller festivals, concerts, different kind of evenings and events, organized for different people with different interests. The Seinäjoki Areena is a place for various exhibitions, bigger and smaller. Not only do they bring together people from the city but also the nearby towns and villages, sometimes even tourists.

The popular way to spend your time with some good company and entertaining live music is to visit Rytmikorjaamo. This place offers mainly Finnish artists and bands so if you are looking to discover the Finnish music, this is the place to visit. Besides for music, Rytmikorjaamo also organizes other various events.



The famous and beautiful Aalto-center of Seinäjoki is a must-see place for most tourists.

Another remarkable sight of architecture is the new Apila library which is also the city library of Seinäjoki. It is a modern and daring library, definitely one of a kind. The library is basically a world of its own with its different and exciting structures, materials and designs.



The most beautiful museum in Seinäjoki must be the Törnävä’s museum area as it is located by the riverside. There are 18 different old buildings which include the beautiful mansion and its many outbuildings.

The Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd –museum gives us a chance to learn about the civil guard and Lotta Svärd organisations operations between 1924 – 1944. This beautiful wooden house was also designed by the talented Alvar Aalto.

If you are interested in booking a guide for either a tour of Alvar Aalto -center, Seinäjoki in general or some specific sight, it is possible to be done through our services.



Looking for a vacation filled with activities? You have found the right place. The beautiful nature and various chances of moving and doing are endless.

During winter the Jouppilan vuori hill and its skiing center Joupiska are opened for visitors. It is possible to do down-hill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing… There are many places around the city to try ice skating too! Many beautiful paths in the woods offer you a possibility to enjoy the white, pure and magical winter time. The recently opened Dudesons Activity Park provides heckloads of fun for all ages.

In summer you can play football, beach volley, enjoy swimming and nature, play tennis… The choice of sport is yours. The facilities for sports and activities in Seinäjoki stand excellent.




After a long day...

After spending a day discovering all the possible things in Seinäjoki, one must get very hungry and tired. But don't worry - besides for all the things mentioned above, Seinäjoki also offers the greatest restaurants and places for accommodation. You can find the restaurants listed here and the accommodation possibilities here!





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