kurjen kierros

haku päällä

The city of Kurikka swarms with interesting targets and activities. Water skiing, four wheeler safari, love locks, swam swimming and sauna are just a fraction of unforgettable experiences found in there.

Accomodation options are diverse, ranging from Hotel rooms to cabins, log villas and other country-themed shelter. This is carried out by the Meeting and Business oriented Hotel Kurikka, Mäntylän Tila and Maatilamatkailu Pitkä Tupa, each providing their own perspective of cozy stay.

Jokipiin Pellava factory shop and Lennol textile represent the entrepreneurial spirit of Kurikka Jalasjärvi area. On top of textiles, shoe industry has a strong foothold in the economy. Another local business Juustoportti is a producer of cheese, yoghurt, quark and other dairy products.

For nature, fresh air and other typical Ostrobothnian virtues one can visit Big Mama’s Ranch horseback stables or the verdant Jyllinkoski Electric Park along with numerous hiking paths. Sporty individuals can try out the 6-hole golf course, bowling hall, ice arena or track and field. Motorheads can fulfill their need for speed at Botniaring racing circuit, which has the longest track in Finland.

For sports and leisure you should head to Kiuaskallio Outdoor Center which offers you athletic options in form of track and field, skiing, shooting and orienteering. Other possibilities include volleyball, baseball and hiking.

Culture and history are presented in Jalasjärvi Museum and Pirunpesä. Pirunpesä name literally translates as "The Devil's Nest". It is an eroted cavity, which took about million years to form. 14-meter width and 23-meter depth make it the biggest Earth erosion in Europe. Older generation believed that the Devil himself lurks in its deep.

Various events such as Haku Päällä and Rytmiraide festivals maintain the livelihood of town. Haku Päällä is a feast of love gathering singles, divorcees, married couples and other sweethearts to celebrate love and partnership. Rytmiraide is a music festival mainly attracted by adult citizens. Other events such as Zetor traktor race, town fair and seasonal markets guarantee an active calendar throughout the year.