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Both cozy and attractive Alavus has vast opportunities for various hobbies and activities.

Diverse nature and excellent facilities such as Kunto-Lutra Spa offer great possibilities for sports and outdoor activities throughout the year: Hiking, jogging, cross-country skiing or swimming, you name it.

For daredevils and extreme lovers parachuting, enduro biking, motocross and go karting offer the anticipated adrenaline rush. Horse lovers can spend their time at local riding school among with other stables.

From Alavus you will also find the widely known village shopping center Kyläkauppa Veljekset Keskinen. This place swarms with different specialized shops and various events. Other laid-back activites involve minigolf and the mazes of Labrinth World. Holiday village Tuuri Resorts keeps you busy with four wheeler safaris, frisbee golf, hiking trips, animal yard, swimming, fishing, paddling, cross-country skiing and whatnot! High class hotels and several atmospheric, country-themed provide you a safe and sound, comfortable accomodation.

The busy events calendar, chirpy atmosphere and kind spirit make this city a cozy, yet lively place to live or visit.